The first five books below are available in (free) open access via the links, and for purchase in paperback form (click covers). (total accessed: 215,633  at Jan 4 ,2022)

Wind Turbine Syndrome: A Communicated Disease. Simon Chapman and Fiona Crichton, Sydney University Press, 2017 (27,939 accessed) “Are wind farms a threat to human health? Public health expert Simon Chapman and health psychologist Fiona Crichton blow away the bad science, rumours and misinformation in an illuminating, fascinating and entertaining look at the makings of a health scare. “Tilting at windmills” is an analogy for the activities of those who passionately believe that wind farms are a threat to human health.  This book shows that these fears are not backed by persuasive evidence, and  that not all the critics have the grace and dignity of the original Windmill tilter, Don Quixote.”
Professor Sir Simon Wessely

President Royal Society of Medicine
Past President Royal College of Psychiatrists

Smoke Signals: Selected Writing, Simon Chapman, Darlington Press, 2016 (13,079 accessed) (”the rare ability to turn a phrase until it catches the light and to shape an argument to devastating effect…its contents are a pleasure, and lethal to intellectual bullshit. Frequently cutting, though never shrill or sarcastic, it’s an object lesson in how to argue well, and honestly, from sound academic principles” Richard King, The Australian Sept 2017)
Removing the Emperor’s Clothes: Australia and Tobacco Plain Packaging. Simon Chapman and Becky Freeman, Sydney University Press. 2014 (54,419 accessed) “In this book you get a great combination: a depth of policy detail that gives the text its credibility, the arms-race nature of the political battle that took place as big tobacco’s arguments called out for what they are, and Chapman’s sense of humour permeating right throughout.” Chris Picton MP
Over our Dead Bodies: Port Arthur and Australia’s Fight for Gun Control. Simon Chapman, Sydney University Press  (41,179 accessed) “The publication of this book confirms Simon Chapman’s place as Australia’s pre-eminent public health lobbyist and has lessons for every country in the world” Prof Fran Baum, ANZ J Public Health
Let Sleeping Dogs lie? What Men Should Know before Getting Tested for Prostate Cancer. Simon Chapman, Alexandra Barratt & Martin Stockler, Sydney University Press, 2010 (73,861 accessed)

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Public Health Advocacy and Tobacco Control: Making Smoking History. Simon Chapman, Oxford: Blackwell 2007 (“Throughout his career, Simon Chapman has accessed the field of tobacco control from 30,000 feet with some of the most penetrating insights academicians have to offer. Yet he’s also battled in the trenches, leading the troops in creative and intelligent assaults on a true Goliath of an enemy. A voracious consumer of everything Chapman authors, I was fascinated, educated, and occasionally entertained by this broad and deep “manual” of how to do tobacco control in the 21st century.”
Kenneth E. Warner, Dean School of Public Health, University of Michigan

The Last Right? Australians take sides on the right to die. Simon Chapman & Stephen Leeder (eds) Mandarin 1995 (5,156 accessed) [I have 2 copies for sale $A30.00 each]

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The Fight for Pblic Health: Principles and practice of media advocacy. Simon Chapman & Deborah Lupton. BMJ Publishing Group, 1994. Out of print. Try Abebooks (“We would send out a book list, of two books. The first [would be] Strunk and White’s The Elements of Style. The second would be The Fight for Public Health. This under used book … shows how a little understanding of media processes becomes a powerful tool for public health – from article in Lancet 1998;351:1596 on how doctors can better communicate with the public.)

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Tobacco Control in the Third World: a resource atlas. Simon Chapman & Wong Wai Leng.  International Organization of Consumers’ Unions. 1990 [I have 2 copies for sale $A50 each]


Great Expectorations: Advertising and the tobacco industry. Simon Chapman. London:Comedia, 1986. Out of print. Try Abebooks [I have 3 copies for sale $A60 each]


The Lung Goodbye: a manual of tobacco tactics for counteracting the tobacco industry in the 1980s.  Simon Chapman. International Organization of Consumers’ Unions, 1986. (“A rather paranoid and disturbing `contribution’ by an Australian called Simon Chapman” – Philip Morris operative report) [I have 2 copies for sale $A60.00 each]