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I’ve had an  obsession with African music since the early 1980s, after buying Hugh Masekela’s Introducing Hedzoleh Soundz LP (Blue Note 1973). I DJ’d an African music  program on radio 5MMM Adelaide, Back to Black, in 1986-7. I’ve many 1000s of African MP3s & CDs particularly from the  golden age of early 1980s Congolese music. A large selection of favourite African tracks is on my Spotify page. All the music I played on Simon Marnie’s ABC Sydney Sonic Journey in May 2019 is here.

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My bands: the Original Faux Pas and the Bleeding Hearts

2010 lunch

The Original Faux Pas (2006-13): L-R Julie Leask (vocals), Dave Petroni (bass), Rob Heard (keys), Strat Mairs (drums), Trish Kirby (vocals), Simon Chapman (vocals), Mitchell Ward (guitar), Bob Cumming (guitar) Also at other times: Geoff McLellan (sax), Paul Grogan (guitar), Les McLaren (bass, keys), Cathy Sutcliffe (vocals), Bob Jones (guitar)


The Bleeding Hearts (2013-18): L-R Trish Kirby (keys), Simon Chapman (vocals), Suzanne Plater (vocals), Bob Jones (guitar), Rob Brennan (drums), Paul Grogan (guitar, drums), Dave Petroni (bass) Also at other times: Michael Surina (drums), Angelo Vardenega (bass), Adrian King (guitar), Mark Tanner (harmonica)

Here’s a selection of our YouTube vids plus a band history listing all gigs and list of every song we played.

(2016)M'villeBowlo April 30

7 Jul 2021 We’re looking for a lead guitarist

Here’s a list of all bands and performers I can remember seeing

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