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A: Tobacco or vaping

Vaping advocates say the darndest things: “Almost all young people who vape regularly are already smokers before they tried vaping” WordPress 10 Sept, 2021

Vaping advocates says the darndest things: 9: “Won’t somebody please think of the children”. WordPress 6 Sep, 2021

Vaping advocates say the darndest things 8: I hide behind troll account. WordPress 29 Jun, 2021

“Netflix and CNN eat your hearts out”: Global Nicotine Forum smashes viewing records WordPress 21 Jun, 2021

Vaping advocates say the darndest things 7: Vaping prohibitionists have been punished, hurt, suffered and damaged by Big Tobacco WordPress 2 Jun, 2021

When a leading public health historian claims to know more about your past than you do … WordPress 27 April, 2021

⭐ If your child’s vaping in Australia, here’s how they get it and who’s to blame in the parliament. WordPress 23 Apr, 2021

In the midst of a pandemic, English smokers are quitting in droves. How are they doing it? WordPress 15 Apr, 2021

Philip Morris’ secret war against WHO and tobacco control experts. WordPress 15 Apr, 2021

Six steps the government and the TGA must take to stop its vapable nicotine prescription plan failing badly. WordPress 31 Mar, 2021

Vaping advocates say the darndest things 6: There’s nicotine in potatoes and tomatoes so should we restrict or ban them too? WordPress 9 Mar, 2021

Vaping advocates say the dardnest things 5: I take money from China and Bloomberg to conduct bogus studies. WordPress 6 Mar, 2021

Vaping advocates say the dardnest things 4: Many in tobacco control do not support open access to vapes because they are just protecting their jobs. WordPress 27 Feb 2021

Mythbusting vaping hype. WordPress 24 Feb 2021

Vaping advocates say the darndest things 3: Australia’s prescribed vaping model privileges Big Tobacco WordPress Feb 15, 2021

⭐Groundhog Day: second parliamentary enquiry led by vaping enablers sees them rolled to minority report status . WordPress 18 Dec, 2020

English smoking control experts put colonial upstarts in their place on vaping impact. WordPress 11 Dec 2020

⭐Who are the 100 highest ranked researchers in the world in tobacco control for the years 1996-2017? WordPress 21 Nov, 2020

Asthmatics can’t buy flavoured puffer drugs, so why should e-cigarette choices be like a candy store? WordPress 5 Nov, 2020

⭐⭐Would you take a drug that failed with 90% of users? New Cochrane data on vaping “success”. WordPress 15 Oct,2020.

Are there really 520,000 vapers in Australia? What’s the biggest number you can find? WordPress 21 Sep, 2020

Vaping has two big rugs pulled from beneath it. WordPress 4 Sep 2020.

⭐Vaping advocates say the darndest things 2: Tobacco control advocates help Big Tobacco. WordPress 12 Aug, 2020

⭐Vaping advocates say the darndest things. 1: The Cancer Council Australia takes huge donations from cigarette retailers. WordPress  30 Jul, 2020

⭐Why vapable nicotine juice via prescription is sensible public health policy. WordPress 2 Jul, 2020

⭐⭐Australia to allow prescribed access to e-cigarette nicotine. WordPress  22 Jun, 2020.

⭐Big Tobacco’s enduring interest in children: insights from its internal documents. WordPress 29 May, 2020

Aussie vaping advocates’ latest lobbying fiasco. WordPress Mar 16, 2020

⭐Want to work for a pariah industry? Big tobacco fears it is unable to attract top staff. WordPress Feb 16, 2020

⭐⭐The dirty dozen: 12 myths about vaping WordPress 26 Sep, 2019

⭐⭐Effectiveness of e-cigarettes: dismal or disrupting? WordPress 13 Sep, 2019

We (also) denying targeting kids: your free guide to playing Big Tobacco/Vape bingo. Word Press 28 Aug, 2019

⭐⭐Regrets … I’ve had a few. Paul Hogan and his Winfield role. WordPress 14 Aug, 2019

⭐⭐Banning smoking in wide open public spaces goes beyond the evidence and is unethical. WordPress 4 Jul, 2019

⭐The Canadian canary in the teenage vaping coalmine. WordPress 28 Jun 2019

⭐Highlights and lowlights of World No Tobacco Day, Australia 2019. WordPress 31 May, 2019

⭐Global, regional and national agencies concerned about e-cigarette hype: statements you are unlikely to hear from vaping advocates. WordPress 20 May 2019

⭐So, apparently it’s now unethical to be sceptical about e-cigarette hype. WordPress 4 Apr, 2019

⭐At Philip Morris International, it’s business. As usual. WordPress 26, Mar 2019.

⭐⭐“As safe as drinking coffee”: research spoiling the e-cigarette rehabilitation of nicotine party. WordPress 21 Mar, 2019.

⭐⭐What is it about far right conservatives and vaping activists in Australia. WordPress 2 Mar, 2019

⭐⭐10 questions for Philip Morris on their “transformation”. WordPress 21 Feb, 2019

⭐“If we stopped selling cigarettes tomorrow, someone else would take our place.” WordPress 12 Feb, 2019.

Cigarettes are sold everywhere and are unregulated. So, hey, let’s do that with e-cigarettes! WordPress 6 Feb, 2019

⭐What are the limitations of the randomised controlled trial of ecigs v NRT just published in NEJM? WordPress 31 Jan, 2019.

⭐How good are e-cigarettes at getting smokers to quit? WordPress 9 Jan, 2019.

⭐Man the lifeboats! Australian smoking has stopped falling! Or has it … WordPress 20 Dec 2018

Are scratch ‘n sniff gangrene warnings next for cigarette packs? WordPress 6 Nov, 2018 [167 accesses]

⭐Are tobacco companies really trying to get out of tobacco? WordPress 22 Oct, 2018

Are e-cigarettes really the seat belts and condoms of tobacco-caused disease prevention? WordPress 7 Aug, 2018

B: Renewable energy, climate change

Wind turbine syndrome: the non-disease that only speaks English. WordPress 29 Oct, 2019

⭐⭐Every school principal should write a letter like this. WordPress 18 Sep, 2019

The non-disease now on life-support: wind farm complaints in Australia are way down. WordPress 12 Apr, 2019

Is the Darling river fish clean-up just porcine aviation? WordPress 29 Jan, 2019.

25 of 12,000 Geological Society fellows challenge climate change science consensus. WordPress 5 Sept, 2018


⭐The very best of cartoonists against COVID-19. WordPress 21 Aug, 2021

1 in 7 Australians still plan not to vaccinate: time to erode this with tough campaigning. WordPress 4 Aug, 2021

⭐⭐Should those avoiding AstraZeneca vaccination because of the clotting risk also avoid having an anaesthetic? WordPress Jun, 2021

⭐Eight common excuses for not being COVID-19 vaccinated and what you can say that might help. WordPress 27 May, 2021

⭐With the risks of AstraZeneca blood clots being tiny, what explains COVID19 vaccine hesitancy? WordPress 23 May, 2021

A reverse white feather? Let all who are COVID19 vaccinated wear a badge proclaiming and normalising it. WordPress 21 May, 2021

⭐⭐What should we make of 10 nations suspending the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine rollout WordPress 15 Mar, 2021

Mandating masks rapidly and dramatically increases mask use: before law 7%, after 97%. WordPress 4 Feb 2021

COVID-19 mask laws drove use through the roof. So where are the data we should megaphone across the world? WordPress 2 Feb, 2021

⭐What’s to be done about Van Morrison and Eric Clapton’s anti-lockdown antics? WordPress 19 Jan, 2021.

Imagine a surgeon refusing to wear a mask. Gladys’ refusal to mandate public masks is this writ large WordPress 21 Dec, 2020

⭐⭐What Dr Fauci didn’t write about COVID19, but well could have. WordPress   14 Sep 2020

⭐The ethics of shaming prominent COVID-19 mask opponents. WordPress 26 Jul 2020.

When COVID-19 pandemic gets touch the conference scammers get going. WordPress  25 April, 2020

⭐⭐Indelibly sear this into the national public and political DNA: evidence-based prevention saves many lives so let’s honour our COVID-19 heroes. WordPress Apr 22, 2020

⭐⭐How can we erode self-exempting beliefs about COVID-19 contagion and isolation that might subvert flattening the curve. WordPress Apr 19, 2020.

⭐⭐Home isolation: except for food, medicine and exercise. So why are so many other stores open? WordPress Apr 7, 2020

⭐If self-isolating COVID-19 cases won’t isolate, should they be monitored with GPS wearables? WordPress Mar 10, 2020

D: Public health (misc)

Ten common reasons why research journal editors reject papers. WordPress 14 Jan, 2021

Prime minister: let’s have a national architecture competition to design Australian fireproof housing. WordPress Jan 5, 2020

⭐⭐Scott Morrison at the beach. WordPress Dec 28, 2019

Junk research journals and conference emails: the gifts that keep giving. WordPress Nov 26, 2019

Abortion in NSW in 1971: a personal account. WordPress 20 Aug, 2019

When should researchers engage with industry and when should they not? WordPress 31 Jul 2019

All a conspiracy: anti-mobile phone fruitcake argues that all university research toes government cover-up line on 5G dangers. WordPress 13 Mar, 2019

⭐NSW elections: the three political parties intent on shredding Australia’s gun laws. WordPress 6 Mar, 2019.

⭐Whack-a-mole: knocking the ‘mobile phones cause brain cancer’ claim on the head. WordPress 23 Jan, 2019

Is it unethical to use fear in public health campaigns? WordPress 11 Aug 2018

E: Other topics

What are your legal rights if you buy an undrinkable (corked) wine? WordPress 4 Jun, 2021

Thinking of keeping koi? Advice for beginners. WordPress 12 May, 2021

⭐⭐Has Sydney’s Inner West Council really caused a “tree-mageddon”? WordPress 29 Apr 2021

How to best carry wine to Europe. WordPress 12 Mar, 2021

Workplaces remain a very common place we meet our partners. So when is workplace sex unethical? WordPress 12 Nov, 2020

House concerts: how to help your favourite musicians during COVID19 WordPress 29 Sep, 2020

What a party we had last night, what a party we had … WordPress 25 Aug, 2020

Loathe Sydney’s Crown casino tower? What if it was owned by a renewable energy company? WordPress 3 Aug, 2010

Trump’s profligate and unpunished lies threaten to cause an epidemic of ethical collapse. WordPress  Jan 17, 2020

Je twitte, donc je suis (I tweet therefore I am): my 10 years Twitter. WordPress Nov 8, 2019

Royalties or readers? Why I make all my books open access. WordPress 12 Dec 2018

The Rolling Stones at the Enmore Theatre, 18 Feb 2003. WordPress 9 Nov, 2018

An unforgettable dinner in Istanbul. WordPress 20 Sep, 2018